Mel Gibson's Passion

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NPR : Mel Gibson's Catholic Faith
Just click on the headline or the audio icon to listen to the story. You'll need an audio player to hear it, and you can find the right one for your computer here. If you have any problems, please visit the NPR audio help page .
This item was on NPR's show Day to Day on Monday. My husband was so indignant at what he heard that he took the time (rare for him) to send the show a rather scathing email. Before you listen to it, do some deep breathing and relaxation. Then, you can decide how and if you want to respond.
Personally, I get steamed when there is a major attempt to shoot down something based upon prejudgement from incomplete data. As far as I can tell, their "expert Catholic journalist" may very well meet the other definition of expert - "A former drip under pressurt (ex-spurt). But maybe I am sinning against charity here.


If only NPR would use their powers for good instead of evil. I used to listen to them semi-regularly during my commute in the late nineties, and just mentally screened out the liberal rhetoric from the political stories they were reporting and took the facts. I also enjoyed the feature stories and generally intelligent sounding discourse. Once the 2000 presidential campaign kicked into gear, the liberal slant seemed to get steeper got to be more than I could take. Public radio doesn't even have a button on my car radio anymore.

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