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I've moved some non-blog links off the blogroll to the other side, to try to balance things up a bit. I've also added back in the psalm verse of the day. I am debating the weather pixie - what do you think?


I've never found the Weather Pixie all that interesting, and of course it does slow the blog down a little.

I kinda like the weather pixie; it's nice to see that someone somewhere is enjoying better (or worse) weather than I am. Separating the weblogs from the other links is a good idea. This place is starting to look good.

It's an interesting little gizmo to jazz things up a bit. As you know, I have issues with the fashion choices my pixie has been making of late, but I think I'll keep him. He won't be wearing that tank top here in Maine come January, I guarantee you that!

By the way, the blog is looking better and better, albeit still pink. Just a matter of personal color preference, I guess. Heck, I'd paint my living room black, silver, and purple if I thought I could get away with it! What do I know?

Hey, I'm a midwife - pink and blue are my colors!

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