Assumption (addendum)

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Mark Shea's post on the Assumption
points out something that I hadn't realized - that the Assumption was not dogmatized until 1950. So I guess that in 1948, when my in-laws were wed, it wasn't on a Holy Day of Obligation.


"Dogmatized"? I don't know if that's a word or not, but if it isn't, it SHOULD be! I love it!

Off the subject a little, but over at poor Mark Shea's blog, there's a question from one of his readers about newborn boys and "the cut", if you know what I mean. I thought you might have some expertise to offer on the topic, but I didn't see you in the comments section. No comment, or just staying out of it? I can't blame you if it's the latter. There's lots of stuff over there that I just stay the heck out of.

Actually, I haven't seen that item yet. I have been so busy tweaking my blog that I haven't finished my rounds of the blogosphere.
As far as this being a 'violent' purple - you should see my wallpaper on my computer! It is the same shade, with the words "the midwife is in" repeated in various colours and type-faces. I may yet go to more of a maroon, maybe.

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