On the Road


Now I can't get my email to download to my computer on the road. Yuck. The attbi to comcast transition of course happened while I was traveling. Oh well. I will be pretty busy once I get back.
One of the nice things about traveling is the opportunity to read on the road (no I am not the driver!). I just finished reading Belloc's The Great Heresies (I think I have the title right - but it is out in the car and I am not going to fetch it!). Quite interesting reading. Right now I am reading Donna Steinchen's book Ungodly Rage. I will read a few lines to my husband and then we will discuss them for a while. Reading this book, written in 1991 about events as far back as 1985, sends chills up my spine (and I haven't finished chapter one yet). In this, I can see the seeds for the Situation. She intends this, I think, as a polemic against the apostasy to radical feminism, but there is actually much more than that included. Will have to finish and reread it.
This is the last time for a few days that I will have computer access. Tomorrow we will join some fundamentalist/pentecostal/evangelical friends for a few days camping in the San Bernadino mountains. Prayer appreciated.

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