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Hi folks, I am checking in again. I am at my mother's home borrowing her high speed connection. My dh and I spent all day yesterday at Disneyland - it was interesting as I saw stuff under the surface that I hadn't noticed when I was younger. It has been interesting the last few days. At family bible camp I learned that my best friend's youngest daughter is getting married in November. Wendy is 22, and she and her fiancee have decided on an early wedding. I was remembering discussions here in St. Blog's about the advantages (as well as disadvantages) of long and short engagements. Personally, I am generally in favor of engagements just long enough to prepare for marriage, but not so long as to be 'a near occasion of sin'. Anyhow, I need to be polite and get back to listening to my mom talk about geneology. BTW, my maternal grandmother is in the hospital with heart block - she is getting a permanent pacemaker tomorrow. Prayers appreciated.

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