Have you ever been so tired that you can't sleep? I have been running on 4-5 hours per 24 for several days now, and I am just weary to the bone. As soon as this rosary is over (on EWTN) I think I will just sink into bed. My work has been driving me nuts. Last week I had to send two women my age for biopsies after bad mammogram results. We had to hospitalize a 28 weeker for severe kidney infection, and she almost ended up in the ICU before she turned the corner. We are getting to the end of the resident year, and we will be short one for next year unless a miracle happens. And I am just so tired. I need a break. My plants are sitting on the porch in their peat pots, waiting to be put in the ground, and I am just not up to it. My wonderful pastor's sister died last week of pancreatic cancer - and just when he came back from the funeral and so on, he got the phone call from the bishop - they are pulling him from our parish (where he has only been 2 years) to a parish that needs him to help heal after losing their pastor suddenly and tragically 6 months ago - the interim pastor was pulled from retirement and needs to step down again. Fr. Bill preached a wonderful homily about the virtue of obedience and the need to trust in the Lord, but we will sorely miss him. Thank God Pentecost is coming. Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful.

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