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A new online Latin class is beginning. If this might be of interest to you, please go here for more information, or email the group moderator, Leigh Ann, for more specific questions. (It is only confusing for the first assignment, after that you get the hang of it,REALLY!!)

These online classes have a good track record. The classes are appropriate for self-directed adults and highschool aged children, and possibly for jr-high children if done along-side a parent or other responsible family member. Best of all, the classes are FREE, you only need to buy the textbook.

The text is Wheelocks Latin 6th ed. There are 40 chapters in Wheelocks. 20 chapters is the equivalent of a college semester class, and 8 chapters is about equal to a highschool semester.

If you are planning to teach Latin in your homeschool, getting through the first eight chapters of Wheelocks will make you a much more confident teacher. Knowing the basics of Latin also helps in understanding medical and legal language.

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone who might be interested.
(thanks to my midwife friend Corrine)

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