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I am going on vacation very soon. I will be leaving New Hampshire June 23 to fly to the other coast with my dear husband and our youngest daughter. We will spend the might with our oldest son and then start the drive north to Oregon, where our # 3 (son) and # 4 (daughter) currently live. We will be visiting our kids, my brothers in law and their families, some friends, and our old parish, including Sunday Mass. We will then drive south into California and hit Family bible camp for 2 days, and then visit more family (of which we have enormous quantities - both John and I are the oldest of six kids) and hopefully Disneyland. Will also have to figure out Sunday Mass in the greater Los Angeles/ Valley area. We will then fly into Louisville KY and drive to Lexington to visit my sister and her family, and then to Memphis to visit our oldest child (daughter) and find Sunday Mass in Memphis. Then home again via Nashville.
3 weeks. I will be dragging the laptop along, but I expect blogging to be very sparse between 6/23 and 7/15.
Oh, we are flying Southwest, so I guess we will have to pack our lunches, too!

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