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I finally put my poor plants in the ground. I have two different kinds of tomato, a white eggplant and a japanese eggplant, several different peppers (pimiento, bell, jalapeno, banana), and a row of rainbow Swiss Chard. In a different spot, my dear husband planted pumpkin, acorn squash, zuchinni and yellow squash, and watermelon. We will see how many survive the erratic weather.
I went looking for a Taxi tomato, but no such luck. Maybe they don't grow well in New Hampshire.
The fruit trees that we planted last year bloomed a bit, but I have been told that we shouldn't expect fruit for a couple more years. Still, it was pretty while it lasts.
We have two crabapple trees in front that every year have a bumper crop - if only I could figure out what to make with them (other than pectin, that is).
I have a great picture of the house with the crabapple trees in candy cotton bloom. I wish I knew how to post the picture in the body of the blog. I still haven't seen an equivalent of "Blogging for Dummies" yet. I'm not technically illiterate, but I never learned HTML - no need before now, and not really the time either. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

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