Friday Five


Friday Five
1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short?
Long, thick, wavy.
2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime?
I started life as a strawberry blond with fluffy hair. It then became straighter and darker, and by high school I was auburn/ash blond depending on season. At 25 I started to go grey, which I have since fought off. Better living through chemistry, I always say! Now I am a dark reddish brown. I have tried short hair but it is too high maintenance for me. My long hair I wash, braid, and twist up into a quick twist or bun, and I am good to go.
3. How do your normally wear your hair?
Up, as described above.
4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like?
I would naturally be the color it is, so I wouldn't have to touch up every 3 weeks.
My color is actually pretty close to my natural hair.
5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened?
Not that I can remember. I will confess, my hair is my one big physical vanity. If I ever have to do chemo, I will chop off what I have for the wigmakers and shave my head ahead of time.

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