Dr. White


I had the occasion to meet Dr. White a few times. He was always, to me, the epitome of a Christian gentleman and Catholic physician.
>From the Chicago Tribune (free registration required)
Dr. Gregory White, 82
Prominent breast-feeding advocate
When Gregory J. White was a young doctor in Franklin Park in the 1950s, he noticed a sense of frustration among his patients who wanted to breast-feed their children, but had no resources or support. He suggested to his wife and her friends that they form a group to offer that support during a time when breast-feeding was often discouraged.
Dr. White was also a founding member of the American College of Home Obstetrics and the Catholic Physicians Guild and served as president of both. He was also past president of the West Suburban Serra Club, an organization that encourages men to join the priesthood, and was active in the anti-abortion movement.
Dr. Gregory White died Monday, June 16, in his River Forest home from complications of leukemia.
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