The morality of cesarean section is something that needs to be addressed, and Greg Popcack and the gang at HMS blog do just that. I only wish they had comments boxes!!!!!
A trully frightening book on the topic is Just Take It Out! : The Ethics and Economics of Cesarean Section and Hysterectomy by D. Campbell Walters and Edward Quillinan . A midwife colleague came back from a conference where Walters spoke, truly shaken up. She said that if this man has his way, the only way women will have normal birth is by accident, and that all women will have hysteretctomy at menopause (if not before).
Do any of you think that the trend towards voluntary bodily mutilation (sterilization) has had any impact on the trend towards medically non-indicated cesareans and hysterectomies? How about the other forms of 'cosmetic' bodily mutilation that are becoming common?

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