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A wonderful parody of a favorite Beach Boys song - courtesy of Envoy Encore.



Hi, Iím Steve. I am eclectic, incorporating epicurean taste to savoir this temporal dwelling, and acting with proper esteem, and humility to the divine. I endeavor to embrace life as a wine coinsure savors an exquisite selection, using all he possesses, all senses to fully receive its quality. A coinsure uses his eyes to check clarity, his nose to inhale the bouquet, and a sip, a touch to the pallet to determine quality. Not like a wino whose desireís the bottom of the bottle, and which robs him of the ability to taste life. Although a high school drop out I can conceptually grasp Einsteinís theory or relativity and how itís three dualities establish an absolute. Time/Space, Matter/Energy, and Mind/Spirit. The last is transcendental, but understood, for no theories could exist without it. The Absolute is these are the parameters of our known universe. All matter/energy time/space is relative, all unique, occupying its on space in time, containing it own matter/energy. Mind/Spirit contain the absolute. The absolute does not change, but we warp our understanding of the truth to fit our relative circumstantial desires. An example of consequences can be seen in Mussoliniís relative morality. Another characteristic I posses; I know God is. I canít prove his existence, but none can deny it, he is as sure as manís inability to put Mind/Spirit in any mathematical formula. The creator is reflected in his three dimensional creation. We have opportunity by choice to be recipient of divine gifts no mere man can comprehend. We, reflections of God, have personality, talk, listen, and can comprehend compassion. Hit the nail on the head, be confident this is a special time and space, it is the present. Before movement, the three dualities were one. Time is past, present, future. Now is the fragment of time we have to make God present. Now the time given me to choose what reflection I am. Our regrets of what we do and fail to do are a preview of purgatory or hell, absolute punishment relative our remorse, and eagerness to repair. The Universe is only relative to one God. Be pragmatic, and know without hope the situation is hopeless. More important than confidence, and expectations and I pray will ever increase, how I display God in my life. God is love.

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