May Devotions


Tonight will be week two of my parish's May devotions. Last week was a little scrambled - we (the choir) arrived early to practice the music (traditional Marian hymns) but were unsure just what the overall format would be. Sister bustled about, thinking that it would be ideal on May 1 to do 4 complete rosaries, with a hymn before each one. Madame choir director was concerned that there would be a focus on quantity, not quality, and that the rosaries would be rattled off machine gun style. Ultimately we said two rosaries - the Luminous mysteries and the Glorious mysteries. We sang Immaculate Mary, a translation of "O Sanctissima", and two other hymns (I'm drawing a blank just now). We practiced a few more of our Marian hymns Monday night - 'twill be interesting to see how things go tonight! A couple of nice things - the choir for these devotions is only about 8 of us and a keyboard (organ or electronic depending on who is available), and I sing. On Sunday we are a much larger group with the organ, and I usually play flute rather than sing. I just wish that we had enough practice time to learn a sung rosary.
My dentist visit went as well as those things can. The tooth is salvageable - I have an appointment next week for the work needed for the temporary crown. Meantime, I am eating very carefully.

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