Brief prayer requests


There are many on Our Lady of Loretto as well.
There seems to be a general spiritual malaise attacking several good friends lately. May the desert Abbas and Ammas intercede for those of us so afflicted.
My pastor's sister was just diagnosed with cancer in her pancreas, with what looks like liver metastases.
A father of 4 and a wonderful man is developing kidney failure. We prayed for him Sunday, and he was anointed in the Sacrament of the Sick, but I am moved to ask all of you to add him to your prayers, just once, as you read this.
This week, I saw 2 young women who recently had abortions. One is hardened and bitter, the other is anguished and grieving. Pray for them, and also that I was able to say the right words to try to open their hearts to their loving father.

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