Over at Fonticules Fides, Sparki comments:
no matter how much I "agonized" in prayer during the wee hours, it was nothing compared to how Christ agonized in the Garden. No matter how I feel beaten down by the circumstances of my life, it was nothing compared to what Christ went through as He was scourged at the pillar.
I was trying to remember just what her statement reminded me of, and then it came to me. Marie Bellet. From her first CD What I wanted to say, the very first song. Titled "One Heroic Moment", it is a small parable, about an ordinary man and the ordinary, holy, decisions he makes on a daily basis. Little things, like rolling out of bed in the morning to go to work, and then coming straight home to his family. The refrain - "I know that this is nothing, compared to Calvary".
Holiness. That is what it is all about.

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