Saturday Scruples


1. Outside a conference room in a hotel, participants are enjoying sandwiches, coffee, and pastries. You could use some refreshment. Do you help yourself?
Only if I am attending the conference and have paid the conference fee.
2. It's a sweltering night and you don't have air conditioning. Your new neighbors are away and their swimming pool looks inviting. Do you cool off in it?
Only if I had discussed the matter with them ahead of time.
3. Your teenager nervously confesses that s/he is sexually attracted to his/her own sex. Do you react in a supportive way?
I would give my child a copy of David Morrison's book Beyond Gay. I would discuss the difference between temptation and sin. I would talk about how we are all, from time to time, attracted to behaviours that are not in our best interests. I would pray a lot. Does this count as supportive?

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