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I'm overdue for some serious blogging but I am also overwhelmed right now. My boss wants me to see 3 patients every hour I am in the office. My husband leaves tomorrow for a last minute trip to Washington DC (just an overnight) to assist in an evaluation of some radio stuff that I don't really understand. Since I am always on overnight call Wednesdays, that means we had to scramble to be sure our 14 y/o daughter had a safe place to spend the night. And...she leaves on a bus Thursday at 3PM with several of her Orchestra, Band and Chorus school mates for a trip to Florida. They are playing Disney World. If you are in the area, the Concord High School orchestra is playing on Monday 4/28/03. My daughter plays the cello. And, as if that isn't enough, I leave at 0630 Friday from Logan to fly to Portland OR - by way of SFO - to go to a friend's wedding in Eugene and to visit a couple of my kids. Whew!

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