Monday Mission


1. Would you rather impress or influence others? Why? Which do you tend to do more than the other?
I would rather influence others, as it is more long lasting than impressing them. I have no idea which I do more of, as I do not have any good way to see how I affect others.
2. Are you able to admit your weaknesses to others? How do you handle your weaknesses (Can you accept them and see them as a strength? (Do you strive to overcome them? etc.) Some weaknesses I have no trouble fessing up, others I hide to the max. When I recognize a weakness (such as a lack of insight into my own behaviours) I try to go those closet to me for help. That includes my family and my Lord.
3. How do you react when you are bossed around, treated as inferior or taken advantage of?
Not well. I try to suppress the less than helpful impulse to do things like sabotage the lives of those that have mistreated me. I try to offer up my suffering, but mostly I just moan and bitch about it. I am a very sore loser, a frustrated perfectionist, and I need all the grace I can get just to get through some days.
4. Do you live your life to meet your own needs, or do you live to meet the needs of others? Why?
I meet my needs by helping others, and I find the strength to help others by caring for myself. It is a circle, not an opposition.
5. This is your Mission on Mondays, but what is your mission in life?
Baltimore Catechism. To know, love, and serve God, by seeing the face of Jesus in my fellow human beings and using my skills and talents to the best of my ability.
6. Can you focus on your goals and achieve them, or are you sidetracked by minor distractions along the way?
I am easily sidetracked, but I get back on track, again and again and again. Kind of like an addict doing the 12 steps program. Besides, things that seem like minor distractions can turn out to be God-given detours.
7. When was the last time you cried? What were you feeling at that moment (anger, sadness, etc.)?
I refuse to answer that question, mostly because I cannot remember the last time I cried. The feeling that is most likely to inspire me to tears is 'hurt feelings' - shame, anger, pride rolled in together.
BONUS: Who can it be knocking at my door?
Who can it be now? Who can it be now? Don't come around no more.
Today's Comment Question: How much is a gallon of gasoline where you live? (leave your state & city for reference)
Central New Hampshire - regular gas around $1.54 to $1.69 .

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