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This weekend, my husband is at Cursillo. It is so strange not to be able to pick up the phone just to share something with him. He was picked up by some friends Thursday evening, and will be back this evening. Ash Wednesday after Mass, the choir director asked if I could sing for 1030 Mass today, with a quick rehearsal at 0930. Sure, no problem. So at 0900 my duaghter and I walked out to the car with music in tow, started it, pulled out a few feet and something just did not feel right. Stopped, got out, and there was the problem - a totally flat tire. Called AAA who came out pretty quickly and put the spare (the donut kind) on. Of course, by the time all that was done we had missed 1030 Mass at our usual parish ( a 1/2 hour drive) so decided to go to 1100 Mass a little closer to home. Got about a mile from home, hit a pothole, and bang, the spare went flat. Called AAA again, the same guy came out and towed us home. Of course, it also started snowing while we were waiting. Someone, somewhere, just did not want us to get to Mass today. I guess I will have to listen on EWTN and make a spiritual communion. Question for you theological types out there - am I in sin for missing Mass today? I could have tried to drive my husband's car (which I have never driven in the 6 years we have owned it) but I thought I would be OK on the donut spare. I could have called a cab, but I just didn't think of it! By the time we got home from the second flat tire, there was no way to get to any Sunday Mass on time. In Oregon, we lived so close to our parish that we walked, and also in California that was an option. But here we are pretty far from everything.

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