Pre-weekend Depression


This evening I will be going on a cursillo weekend. I will be out of touch until it is completed. As usual, just before any kind of spiritually significant event, things in my life are seeming to fall apart. An opportunity that I was really hoping for was withdrawn. Our finances have been hit with several unexpected expenses, and I am fighting off now 30 hours solid of a migraine headache. (Medications get it down to the point where I can function, but not well, not at all well.) All this tells me that the weekend will probably be an incredible event, as it seems that the enemy is pulling out all stops to try to get me to not go!
Prayers appreciated. If I can, I will try to post a few more short items later today, but after 5PM I will be silent until probably late Sunday evening or even Monday morning. Same thing applies to e-mail. I am leaving my laptop, my cell phone, and my pager at home. If there is a family emergency, my husband will have to drive out and get me in person.

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