Monday Mission


1. Do you have any plans for "Spring Break" this year?
work. my daughter's orchestra will be playing at Disney World, and I am working to pay for the trip!
2. Did you ever have any wild Spring Break experiences? C'mon, tell me the stories!
3. What is your most memorable vacation of your youth?
Cross country by car, camping at nearly every national park. Grand Canyon, too, where a thief stole our cooler of food and my dad's insulin.
4. What was the best vacation you've ever had as an adult?
Vacation? What is that?
5. Now, what is that "Dream Vacation" that you have always wanted to take if you had the time & money?
I would love to take my husband and show him Europe.
6. Have you ever take, or had the urge to take, a "blog vacation?" That is, just taking some time off from blogging?
If if did, I would.
7. You know how you get that creepy "danger" vibe you sometimes get from people you don't know? Has that ever turned out to be right? Or have you ever had a bad feeling about someone or a situation and not listened to that "little voice?"
In my profession, I get to meet all kinds. I try to always listen to the vibes. So far have not had any bad experiences, but I try to stay tuned in. I also carry my rosary and pray frequently.
BONUS: Do you wanna see me beggin' baby, can't you give me just one more day?
what the heck does this mean?

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