Monday Mission 3.09


1. Are there any television commercials on these days that are among your favorites? What is your favorite television commercial from your childhood?
I don't watch TV that often. My favorite childhood TV commercials were the Hebrew National one "We answer to a higher authority".
2. Sometimes we see ourselves as different than we actually are. For example, I like to think I am a pretty outgoing person, but in reality, I would be perfectly happy if I were left alone. How about you? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Would others agree with you?
I am an Introvery - at least according to my Meyers-Brigg - INTP. I would much rather speak to a large group on a topic I know that get down and dirty with a small group of close friends.
3. What kind of a worker are you? Do you like a job where you have a daily routine that you can count on every day? Or do you prefer to be in an environment where there is constant change and you never know what to expect from one day to the next?
I like variety within a structure. Not chaos, but not boring either.
4. I've found that when I go out for a business lunch or any type of meeting where you have to speak, a salad makes the best meal choice. It isn't sloppy and makes it easy to pause for conversation. I would think the same would be true for first dates. When you've gone out on first dates, what sort of decisions would go into your choice of dinner? Price? Ease of conversation? The "messiness" factor?
Salads can get pretty sloppy, too. I choose food by flavor and value, regardless.
5. "It's grouper" "Two Dollars!" "By choice, man!" The Donger need food!" are just a few of the movie quote that I can recite off the top of my head. These (and oh so many others) come up in the most unusual and inappropriate situations. Usually no one but me "gets it." Doesn't matter, I still have a good laugh. What are some of your all-time favorite movie quotes? Can't think of any right now. My kids go on about "elderberry wine" from one of the Monty Python flics.
6. What if it happened. All of creation is gone. Wiped out. And then come to find out that that there is no reincarnation, no chance to live life over again, no second chance. Turned out, there really was a God and Heaven and Hell. How would that make you feel? Do you want to go to Heaven?
I would know that I was right all along. After all, that is a basic for being a Catholic Christian. The whole point of life on Earth is to prepare us for Heaven.
7. Should everyone be allowed into Heaven? Or should there be criteria? If you were making up the guest list for Heaven, how would you choose who gets in?
It doesn't really matter what I think. God made the rules, and He will judge each of us. I would hope that I would make it in, and that those I love and care about will be there.

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