Monday Mission


1. Has anyone ever told you that you needed to lose weight or change something about yourself physically? Who told you and what impact did it have on your life? Your
Yep. And my reply is that I will change at my own pace and when I am ready. I would rather work on my soul than on my body - and I know that one affects the other.
2. Do enjoy the snow and cold weather?
Actually.I despise them. God and his sense of humo...
3. Visualize the perfect winter evening. Are you alone or with someone? How does the evening start? How does it end, and everything in-between.
Home with my husband and a few close friends, a roaring fire in the fireplace, a few drinks and conversation, Scrabble, and later snuggled up with my husband, all the kids elsewhere or at least asleep.
4. Do you think that technology has had allowed relationships and human interaction to become less personal? Is this a good thing?
I think that technology has allowed my to remain in touch with family and friends in ways that would have been darn near impossible even 20 years ago. It has also made it possible for me to make friends that I would not have been able to find otherwise. Properly used, technology can make interaction more personal, and can encourage face to face contact without the prejudices established by initial physical exposure and first impressions.
5. Is there anything you've been meaning to learn, that you can learn, but haven't? (or maybe you have?)
If I mean to learn something, I generally do so. Not always well, though!
6. What skills or talents have you wished that you possessed that you most likely never will? Are you content with that?
I wish that I could write the music I hear in my head. I wish that I could write fiction. but I have done so much already in my life that I will try to be content with how God made me.
7. What do you think of the concept of "AudioBlogs?" Would you like to hear the voice of your favorite bloggers occasionally? Would you rather listen to or read your favorite Blogs?
I think it uses too much bandwidth. If I want to hear some one, I will invite them to telephone me. Collect, if necessary.
BONUS: How deep is your love?
That is a song title.

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