If I could canonize anyone


Karen Marie at From the Anchor Hold throws out this challenge to the Parish.
If you were the Pope (or a Patriarch of an Eastern Church, or a leader of the Lambeth Conference, etc, I don't want to eliminate my non-Catholic commentators!), and you could canonize/glorify/add a remembrance to the "Lesser Feasts"/whatever any heroically virtuous people you wanted, who would you raise up? A little info on why also appreciated.
Try to avoid anyone already a blessed or venerable!
My list is far from exhaustive, but I would include G.K. Chesterton, since his writing has brought so many to an appreciation of the truths of Christianity. Bishop Fulton Sheen for his tireless evangalization. Dorothy Day, who just kept on working and working. Elizabeth LeSeur, who converted her husband after her death. I will try to add others as they occur to me.

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