Day of Peace

| : Pope Calls for Day of Peace on March 5
which is of course Ash Wednesday. I will pray and fast for a miracle - and I think that is what it will take. Saddam Hussein is truly evil. North Korea is a wild card, and we still don't know the temporal fate of Ossama bin Lauden. There are also large quantities of biological agents still unaccounted for after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Yes, prayer is certainly called for. However, I also remember my grandfather's saying "Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition."
My daughter is due to go with her school orchestra to Disney World over spring break. Last week, there was a meeting to decide if this long planned (2 years!) event should be cancelled due to 'world conditions'. Thankfully, it was decided to go through with the plans. Otherwise, I think, in ways big and small, the terrorists will have won, after all.

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