My Car-O-Scope
Boy oh boy, alicia, you picked a vehicle that just isn't quite right for you. You're compatible only in terms of your age.
OK, there's frugal--and then there's cheap. And you're cheap.
Your motto is probably something like, "Waste not, want not." Heck, if it was good enough for Benjamin Franklin, why not you?
Pay no attention to what others are saying behind your back. Who cares?
Gee, this is interesting. Car-O-Scope has determined that most other Chevrolet Lumina APV owners are much more concerned with status than you are. What to do, what to do? Let's see, we can either find you another vehicle--or maybe we can get you enrolled in that crash course in snobbery.
Some of us have an overdeveloped left brain and some have an overdeveloped right brain. And your strength is definitely on the right: the more creative, touchy-feely side. This is not a bad thing. The world certainly does need poets, musicians and people to work on the world psychic network.
But this characteristic does make you somewhat incompatible with your car. Other owners are more objective and logical. But you are what you are, so take your pick: Change what you are or get a new car. (That rhymes, doesn't it? And rhyming is a right-brain thing. Cool.)
Car-O-Scope Makes Suggestions for More Compatible Vehicles
Have no fear, Car-O-Scope is here to save you from a life of misery, depression and hemorrhoidal flare-ups. Through a secret and proprietary process (patent pending) the official car-o-scope has determined that your psychographic and demographic profile is far more compatible with the following vehicles: some of these suggestions might surprise you. But try to keep an open mind. It's quite possible that the car-o-scope has discovered some hidden and/or repressed aspects of your personality.
1. Peugeot 505
2. Buick Roadmaster
3. Ford EXP
4. Ford Club Wagon
5. Dodge Colt Vista
So, let's look at your compatibility profile vis-a-vis the Peugeot 505. If you dumped that Chevrolet Lumina APV and got yourself a Peugeot 505, you'd be a lot happier.
For example, you'd be almost perfectly compatible in terms of your age and your grasp of reality.
In addition, you'd have pretty good compatibility in terms of the extent to which you're a cheapskate, status consciousness, your educational level, and how much you really care about your car.
*** - I have never even HEARD of most of these cars. What I really want is PT Cruiser.***

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