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Something I love about the internet is that I am not tied to my home computer. Right now I am sitting in the call room of a major community hospital, waiting to see if my pager will go off. Because I live 44 miles from the hospital where I catch babies, I routinely spend the night here even if there is nothing much going on. It is pretty great because the hospital cable TV has EWTN on 24/7, unlike my cable at home which randomly is switched to some Benny Hinn spouting christian station. (I actually have this image of shifts changing at the cable company, and the officer of the day changing the station to his or her christian/inspirational station).
What follows is a composite of actions that makes up a 'typical day'. I see between 14 -18 patients in the office, ranging from a 17 y/o having her first baby in for a first prenatal visit, to a 60 y/o in for an annual exam. There is also a sprinkling of random 'female complaints'. About 1/3 of my patients spoke spanish only. Most have no insurance. The legal residents that are pregnant usually will get medicaid. But we see them all, regardless of insurance or none. I just wish that the Catholic Hospital down the road would do likewise.
After the clinic ends, I head over to the hospital. Some days it is crazy, others pretty dull. There will usually be several in and out visits by women with various issues. Am I in labor checks, back pain, I didn't go to school today and now my probation officer needs a doctor's note or he'll throw me in jail, gall bladder attacks, baby not moving, baby won't stop moving, I haven't slept for 3 weeks, acute asthma (usually in smokers!), I fell down, I got beaten up - we see it all. If the woman is pregnant, the ER usually doesn't even ask what the problem is - they just send them up.
On a good night I will have one mom in labor who will birth around 3 am and be happy. On a bad night I will have nothing but in and outs and not get any sleep, or I will have 2 or more moms in labor that both need me all the time, and I will be wondering how far apart their babies will come and if I can do them justice. On a really bad night, I will have in and outs, moms in labor, and one or more who end up needing a cesarean for some reason.
But the thing that makes it all worthwhile is to look into a newborn's eyes and realize that I have been privileged to be part of a miracle. I mean, how many people get a chance to earn their living sharing in miracles on a daily basis?

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