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I am writing to request prayers. About two years ago, I had to have fibroid (non-cancerous) tumors removed from my uterus. My OB-GYN assured me I'd be able to have children when the time came, perhaps with some difficulty, and with the caveat they be delivered by C-section as my uterus lost some of its strength and muscle mass during the operation (hence the potential difficulty conceiving).

My now-husband supported me throughout this operation (we were only dating then) and we were married in late 2005. Now, we have reason to believe we're pregnant. After asking the intercession of St. Gerard and many prayers to God, we hope to have our first child in the late summer of this year. The prospect overjoys us both.

At home tests have been inconclusive, but my OB-GYN's nurse practioner thinks it might be too early, that I may have ovulated and conceived later than my slightly unsteady cycle usually is supposed to, and wants to wait until my appointment next week to take another test and see if we are, in fact, expecting. It is a glimmer of hope in uncharted territory for us.

Please pray that we are pregnant and for a safe, healthy delivery and child.

Thank you.



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Alicia at Fructus Ventris has asked for prayers for a possible difficult pregnancy for someone who emailed her.I am writing to request prayers. About two years ago, I had to have fibroid (non-cancerous) tumors removed from my uterus. My OB-G...

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any news yet?

Lord in your mercy - hear our prayers

Will be praying...

Praying -- St. Gianna, pray for this family!

Would love to hear the followup on this Alicia. Praying for a health pregnancy!

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