the day after easter

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Last Easter we were all chatting about food, music, liturgy and the usual day to day stuff - celebrating that the end of Lent and shouting out our Alleluias. This Easter, while we are still joyful that "He is Risen!", there is a tinge of melancholy overlaying the season.
I think that we may be experiencing a bit of what the disciples did in the week just after the Crucifixion. Only a few actually learned of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Most of the others learned of it gradually and still others just didn't believe it when they first heard the news.
Think about the conversation on the road to Emmaus. The disciples were despondant. Their Messiah had been executed, and their faith suffered - and I think that they were wondering if they had been misled and deceived. What joy they must have felt upon learning that not only was He risen, but that He was walking with them!
And consider Thomas the twin, the doubting apostle. How shamed and yet joyful he must have been upon not only seeing but touching his Lord.
And on and on. We don't hear the stories of all the others who must have been doubting and then astounded, but I can well imagine the suffering and despair they must have initially experienced.
And then - to only have Him with them for 40 days. How much more puzzled and sorrowful they must have been.
We here are also puzzled and sorrowful, and we don't understand what God is doing in our lives. Yet we have the word of eyewitnesses to His death and resurrection.
Lord, I believe. Help me in my unbelief.


I know what you mean. I have thought of a few things to blog about, but they just don't seem "right" to laugh and post reading lists and jokes and stuff when one of our sisters is suffering this way.

Yes, I agree. Easter was lovely and once again assures us that Christ conquered death, but it doesn't help lift the somber mood of this current injustice. At least we know the final chapter salvation history. It's just between now and then that has me aggrivated!

Correction--there is no "day after Easter." Today is Easter Monday. Easter as a season continues for seven Sundays (each one called "The X Sunday OF Easter," not "after Easter").

Easter goes on! Alleluia!

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