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for a wonderful new Moss baby


Alicia..what did gestational diabetes have to do specifically with not being able to give birth in the tub?

Susan Peterson

I personally disagree with this decision of her hospital. The idea is that uncontrolled gestational diabetes leads to a higher incidence of shoulder dystocia (where the head comes out but the shoulders get stuck) and the training that docs have to handle shoulder issues requires that the mom be on a bed for repositioning and maneuvers. If I encounter tight shoulders on a water birth, I usually have th mom stand up in the water (yes, with the head hanging out) and that usually unsticks things. IF not, then I have her get out of the water real fast (helps to have assistants ie burly dad) and on her hands and knees. If that doesn't work, I use the standard medical procedures with her supine (on the bed or the floor, but the bed usually is easier on everyone). But so far in a water birth I haven't had to go past the 'Stand up, now!' maneuver.

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