my computer is ill

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I am in the process of backing up all my files so that I can send my laptop to my son for diagnosis and repairs. It has been shutting down in the midst of processes, with no warning, and it has reached the point where I am afraid that it will get completely fried.
I will still have access, but not as readily, and I may end up posting a lot less over the next few weeks.
I also need to do something to get my blogroll under control.


has it been checked for spyware?

I have run 3 different spyware searches and deleted lots of stuff.
What caused us both to say "time to send it" was that it was crashing in the midst of running anti-virus or defrag - even when done in the safe mode. My son is a whiz, he has been building and fixing computers for 10 years now and works full time for an anti-virus software company. He and I were troubleshooting it long distance and he finally said that he will need to physically see it - he thinks he knows what is wrong but can't be sure without checking some stuff IRL - so off it goes.
All our homoe computers have installed on them AdAware, Pest Patrol, anti-virus software. My dh also has a couple other programs to filter for crap, because he has to manage some of the radio sites remotely from home.

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