Is it only Sunday?

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It seems like last Thursday was more than just a few days ago. My time sense is so horribly distorted. Let's see - Wednesday just before midnight I attended a truly awesome birth. Thursday AM as I was home John called me on my cell to tell me that Janice had died. Thursday PM I went ahead and got on the plane to Chicago. Friday I blogged about below. Saturday all day - the Marquette conference (which was awesome, BTW) - where I had the pleasure to meet Kevin Miller in person. He is a really neat guy and an excellent speaker and the conference was so healing. It was just great to be around persons who take seriously the church's teachings on life and sexual morality, and the closing mass was strengthening. Saturday night after Mass I drove 70 miles to Beloit to visit a midwife friend I hadn't seen in person since 1997. Stayed up till midnight talking, got up 0430 to drive back to Chicago to get on a plane home. Came home for a couple hours and then drove John back to the airport to catch a plane to the other coast for Janice's funeral.
Unfortunately for us, it was scheduled for Monday morning (tomorrow) - and dear daughter has finals M and T and there was no way to reach teachers over the weekend and there was not time to try to get creative finding affordable air fares.
The one upside of our being unable to fly out for the funeral was that I didn't have to cancel the scheduled rendezvous with the estimable Peony Moss, Mr Moss, and of course the extremely well behaved Hambet. It is so great to be able to meet fellow members of St Blogs in real life. What always surprises me is when I am recognized right off. We spent a couple of hours over dinner etc just talking about all kinds of everything.
Anyhow, I should probably get to sleep soon - have to get up early to take dear daughter to school for finals. Sleep is good, and it is a good that I have been short on lately.

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