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on my licensing stuff. I will go by the State Police Monday to see if there is any way to expedite the criminal background check. I somehow doubt it, being that this is a democracy and you aren't supposed to be able to get special treatment from bureaucrats just because it will totally screw up your ability to work without it!
On another (political) note - I am still clueless as to how I will vote in the Democratic primary election. I will entertain any thoughtful comments or suggestions that you all may care to leave in the box. I am pretty sure that I won't vote for Dean or Kucenich, and that is as far as I have gotten.
Update: The Board of Nursing has been extremely unhelpful. They stamped my application in on 12/23 - they just sent me back a letter (dated 1/7!) that they are returning my application for the criminal background check because it has to go directly to the State Police. So in a few minutes, that is where I will be headed - directly to the State Police.
I will probably be off without pay for at least a week. I might be able to persuade them to pay me for the two days this week I am on Jury duty.

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Happy Birthday to.... from Two Sleepy Mommies on January 12, 2004 8:40 AM

Alicia (please pray for the quick resolution of her license issue) Master Xander Lams (check out the pictures)... Read More


Smile a lot, look meek and humble--sort of apologetic, as if you're "sorry to cause them this difficulty, but you can see what a bizarre fluke I've fallen into--like the Social Security "Notch Babies"-- and it's obviously not anybody's fault."

Look reasonable and concerned--and repeat how appreciative you are that they're willing to take this time to go to bat for you.

Call that which is not as though it is, and often it so becomes!

And make sure you bring the people you consult with a nice batch of cookies or pie after they pull the necessary strings to help (or even if they just try.)

Very few things frustrate me more than dealing with faceless, mindless bureaucrats. Best of luck.

As a strong supporter of Bush, I'd encourage you to vote for Dean in the primary, since we will make mincemeat out of him in the general election campaign if he is the nominee. ;)

However, in all seriousness, I really like Joseph Lieberman, and preferred him as a possible president over Bush, Cheney and Gore back in 2000. Gore irritated me so much that I just couldn't vote for that ticket, so I went Bush/Cheney, as I will this time. Had Lieberman been at the top of the Democrat ticket, I might have voted for that way.


I am sorry, but I think that you are correct. The American system is all about fairness, so you pretty much can only make noise. If it were Italy, I could give you some good advice, because that is a bureaucracy that I understand and have good experience working.

Good luck! You have my prayers.

As for Democrats, well, I have to say that I have never been a member of that party and probably never will be. So, no advice there either. Sorry.

has the licensing board itself been any help? Couldn't they fax you some kind of extension? Maybe if you brought a cell phone over to the police and had them talk to the licensing board?


What a pain in the posterior! I am so sorry about your licensing troubles. I'll be praying for a quick resolution.

As I am the Republican equivalent of a Yellow Dog Democrat, I wouldn't vote in the Democratic primary. However, I think Joe Lieberman has the most thoughtful and nuanced position. I think Dean's pretty much a looney, and I can't STAND John Kerrey for some reason.

saints preserve us! are there any pro-life democrats on the ticket?

What a great site this is. I was exploring the net and found it. Its nice to see a networl of like minded women supporting eachother. You seem like a neat bunch of people.

I am the mom of of a seven year old, i work part time from home, so im here most days when she bounces off the school bus! Didnt want to miss any of her childhood and its been worth it.

I will keep all of you in my prayers.


Diane Rainey
Bloomingdale, NJ

P.s. active member of NJ Right TO Life

I will keep all of you in my prayers.

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