Sacramental Marrriage

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Mr. Culbreath gives cogent advice in the form of a REALITY CHECK.
One thing I find wonderful about St.Blogs are all the men who truly love women - men who are not ashamed to be in love with their wives, who adore their daughters, who minister as priests to all God's children, male and female. And this love is not a wimpy infatuation that fades when age withers or physical beauty fades away, but love enduring even unto death.
I thank God that He found me a husband like these men - not that is has been easy, no way! But God did not promise us a life of ease, nor even happiness. He promised that he would provide us with the graces we need to get through each day, and that we will find joy in the end.


I'm glad you found such a man too. Every woman deserves one.

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