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I was partway through a rather whiny post, about how miserably I do when my husband is out of town. I really shouldn't complain, I mean it was nothing like what Katherine has gone through, just the minutiae of everyday life and my insane job. Then for no apparant reason, my computer just shut down - boom - like that. A total hard shutdown. Not from power issues - this is a laptop and I have good battery backup. Not (as far as I can tell) from program conflicts. And it doesn't give me the "You shut down your computer illegally last time" message either, when I reboot. Really weird, I think. So I will can the long-winded complaint and simply mention what it was like to walk in the door at 7PM this evening.
I got off work later than I like due to a last-minute project dumped on me that I have to finish by Friday. My daughter had arranged to go to her friend's house after track so that I would know that she was safe and where she was. I picked her up, drove home, and parked. Followed her into the house just in time to hear shouts of outrage. "Mom, the cat puked all over the rug!" Yep - apparently the cat (or one of them) had a hair ball, and the evidence of half digested Meow Mix was everywhere. I tackled the clean up after finding the (still hacking) cat and banishing said feline to the basement. I then proceeded to start figuring out what to make for dinner (besides reservations, that is) only to be interrupted by yet another teenage wail of anguish. "Mom, the cat peed on my keyboard!!!!". Yep - and not just the keyboard but all over her desk and a few other choice spots in her room.
Keyboard is disconnected, I sprayed with lysol and daubed where I could. I have no clue if it will be salvageable or if we will have to try to find another one. I have a message in for my son the computer tech and I will ask my husband about it later when he calls to check in.
Meanwhile, I can offer a wonderful deal on a few 9 month old cats. The cats are free, and I will throw in a litter box, food, and carriers.
Dinner may end as leftovers deluxe. Oh yeah, I forgot. We have eaten up all the leftovers already. Maybe cereal or nuke and serve frozen stuff. I had to mop part of the kitchen, too. I think I will turn in my Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow charm. That is, if I can find it.
Update: I threw together chile relleno casserole. 4 eggs, 1 1/2 cup milk, 2 Tbs flour beaten together (salt if desired). Pour over a nice layer of green chiles (canned - whole or chopped - about two of the 4 oz cans) and a lot of cheese (grated, chunked, sliced) in a greased 9x9 pan. Bake at 350 for one hour. serve. also good cold for breakfast or rolled into tortillas for lunch. A great potluck dish, too.

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